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We, a family of 9 including young children, rented 2 of the houses for a week in September. From our first day things started breaking down starting with the kitchen sink and ending with several days without hot water and heating.
To make things worse the landlady who was abroad on vacation at the time claimed that she did all she could and that no compensation was due.

I Strongly recommend to look for other accomodations in the area.
Estuvo en Septiembre 2014, en familia
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The client stayed for a week in two of the houses, After three days the heating started to fail in one of the houses, the same day the maintenance technician checked the status of the boiler, as the customer told us that they would be away for the neat two days gave us the opportunity to review the whole installation. It took less than 24 hours from his return to solve completely the situation. We also gave the customer other options to accommodate them while the heater was being repaired.
Even so, he demanded the return of the cost of the stay because of his "bad experience"
We offered him to reintegrate the stay time without the heater running, but the customer answered threatening by warning others

We are very sorry about such an exceptional fact as that was,

Casas de Zapatierno

Casas de Zapatierno

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